Sand Desert Safari - 2024

A thrilling Desert Safari deals and packages will allow you to feel the excitement of Dubai's Red dune sand desert. Enjoy Sand Boarding, Camel Riding, Dune Bashing, quad bike ride, dune buggy and other Activities. After enjoying exciting performances such as belly dance and tanura dance, appreciate a delicious barbecue supper. For those on a limited budget, Sand Desert Safari Dubai provides morning desert safari, evening desert safari,VIP desert safari, premium desert safari, private desert safari, desert safari Sharjah and overnight safari choices. The moonlit sky enhances the appeal of the desert. Sand Desert Safari, a reputable travel operator that believes in creating life-long memories, offers the best desert safaris.

1 to 4 Person (Deal 1)

99 AED (Desert Safari Deals)

99 AED with all Tour inclusions

If you are group of four peoples then price of per person will be 99 AED only for both morning and evening safari.
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5 to 10 Person (Deal 2)

95 AED (Desert Safari Deals)

95 AED with all Tour inclusions

If you are group of ten peoples then price of per person will be 95 AED only for both morning and evening safari.
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11 to 29 Person (Deal 3)

90 AED (Desert Safari Deals)

90 AED with all Tour inclusions

If you are group of thirty peoples then price of per person will be 90 AED only for both morning and evening safari.
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30 to 99 Person (Deal 4)

85 AED (Desert Safari Deals)

85 AED with all Tour inclusions

If you are group of 30 plus peoples then price of per person will be 85 AED only for both morning and evening safari.
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Starts from Just 30 AED* Check Our Pricing Below

Best Desert Safari Deals/ Desert Safari Offers

Desert Safari Promo

30 AED / Person

Desert Safari With Bus Pickup

50 AED / Person

Desert Safari 4x4

99 AED / Person

Premium Desert Safari

160 AED / Person

Journey into the Arabian Deserts " Sand Desert Safari's "


Deals and Packages
Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

150 to 130 AED | $36

Save upto 20.00 AED

Too little, too soon? Enjoy the morning desert safari! Tourists will love the Best Morning Desert Safari Dubai, which offers dune bashing along with quad bike, sand-boarding, dune buggies, and camel rides as extra alternatives.

Desert Safari Quad Bike

Morning Safari + Quad Bike

300 to 250 AED | $68

Save upto 50.00 AED

Enjoy a desert morning safari Dubai with 4x4 Land Cruiser! Tourists will enjoy the Morning Desert Safari with quad bike , which offers and dune bashing in addition to camel rides, sandboarding, and dune buggies.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

180 to 150 AED | $41

Save upto 30.00 AED

The most popular of all our safaris, ‘Evening Safari Dubai’ is the ideal way to enjoy the Evening Desert Safari Dubai desert. Along with all the options of a desert safari, this also includes an entertainment lineup with a BBQ buffet dinner!

Camel Trip Dubai

Camel Ride Dubai

400 to 220 AED | $60

Save upto 180.00 AED

In Dubai, we provide two varieties of camel trip Dubai. One way to see the desert at nightfall is to take a sunset camel ride Dubai. The other option is a morning camel ride tour on a desert safari, which is ideal for taking in the desert's safari brilliant early light.

Night desert safari Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari

310 to 249 AED | $68

Save upto 61.00 AED

The main attractions of Overnight Desert Safari Dubai are its overnight camping in Dubai, BBQs,  Bonfire Upon Request, Sleeping Bags & Tents, and Breakfast and live performances and much more. It is the next phase of the safari tour in the evening safari Dubai.

Premium Desert Safari Dubai

Premium Desert Safari

450 to 390 AED | $106

Save upto 60.00 AED

Enjoy an off-road adventure by gliding through the dunes of Dubai with our Premium Desert Safari Dubai with quad bike. Explore the evening desert safari slopes of Dubai on this guided tour. Climb the highest premium red dune desert safari in Dubai with quad bike.

VIP Desert Safari Dubai

VIP Desert Safari + Quad Bike

410 to 300 AED | $82

Save upto 110.00 AED

Experience the Luxury VIP Desert Safari Dubai. Enjoy a Quad Bike Ride, BBQ dinner, belly dance and more shows performance in the stunning desert landscape. Embark on an extraordinary journey through the majestic dunes of Dubai with our exclusive VIP Desert Safari tours.

dinner in the desert

Dinner in the Desert

180 to 150 AED | $41

Save upto 30.00 AED

Enjoy yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime special dinner in the desert safari with bbq dinner Dubai. Book Dubai Evening Desert Safari with BBQ dinner Package: Enjoy an evening out in the Dubai desert with dune bashing, camel rides, Tanoura & belly dancing and much more

Desert Dune Buggy Dubai

Dune Buggy Dubai

Starts at 600 AED | $163

Discounts on negotiation

A dune buggy tour is the ideal way to experience Dubai’s desert in its authentic form.. You can book a Polaris dune buggy or a Can-Am Maverick. If you are going on a dune buggy safari in Dubai with a party, the 1 seater, 2 seater, and 4 seater Polaris dune buggy rental are ideal.

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Dubai desert safari trip is the red dune safari sand adventure in which dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, quad biking, dune buggies, belly dance, Tanura show, fire show, BBQ dinner, and more.

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The price of a morning desert safari with deals starts at $50 per person. This includes pickup from your hotel in a comfortable 4×4 vehicle, a thrilling dune bashing experience, camel riding, sandboarding, and a additional services camel ride, quad bike and dune buggy. Our experienced guides will ensure you have a memorable and safe adventure. Contact us now to book your safari!

At the evening desert safari, you’ll experience the breathtaking beauty of the desert as the sun sets, casting a golden glow over the sand dunes. Our expert guides will take you on a thrilling dune bashing adventure, followed by camel riding, quad biking, and sandboarding. You’ll also enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner under the stars, accompanied by traditional entertainment. It’s a magical experience you won’t forget! Contact us now to book your adventure!

The evening desert safari typically lasts around 6 hours, from approximately 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm. However, timings may vary depending on factors such as weather conditions and group size. Rest assured, our team will ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Book your safari now to secure your spot!

Our overnight desert safari usually begins in the late afternoon, allowing you to experience the stunning desert sunset. Please check our website or call us for the exact timing for your chosen date. We appreciate your interest in our services and can’t wait to host you on this magical adventure! Book now for an unforgettable experience under the stars!

VIP Desert Safari Dubai offers a truly exclusive experience with personalized services, luxurious amenities, and expert guides who ensure your comfort and safety throughout the journey. Unlike other tours, we limit the number of guests per vehicle, allowing for a more intimate and enjoyable experience. Our VIP package includes a private vehicle, a dedicated guide, and premium refreshments, making it the ultimate desert adventure. Book now to experience the VIP treatment!